Jun 12, 2014

Excess baggage: The airline carry-on craze is spiralling out of control

Excess baggage: The airline carry-on craze is spiralling out of control. You finally step on board your flight only to find the overhead lockers near your seat overflowing with bags. And not just any bags. Gigantic bags. Monstrous bags. Bags the size of small children.

So you’re forced to store your carry-on luggage ten rows away or underneath your already crammed feet.

“On my way from Hobart to Sydney on Monday night after a long weekend I was shocked at the size, weight and number of carry-on luggage items people were trying to cram on a two-hour flight,” says frequent flyer Will Overman.

“There was even an announcement on the flight asking 10 people to volunteer to have their hand luggage stowed underneath because the overhead lockers were so over-crowded.”

So what’s with the pack horse mentality?

The simple fact is, with checked baggage now attracting increasingly higher charges, more travellers are opting to bring only carry-on bags on board, which in turn creates a logistical nightmare for crew and fellow passengers.

It can cost up to $160 for Jetstar passengers to check in their luggage at the airport, and up to $85 on Tiger Air which is quite a hit on the hip pocket. But does that mean you can take up all the locker room with your huge pink wheelie bag?

A new Twitter campaign is hoping to put an end to the carry-on madness by shaming those with ridiculously large bags.

The campaign was started by San-Francisco based reporter Spud Hilton from SFGate.com, and has clearly hit a nerve as it has quickly gained momentum on the social media site.