May 8, 2014

Models become emotional video for Save The Children

Models become emotional video for Save The Children. A SURPRISING new video shows what happens when you take the advertising rule “sex sells” and apply it to something decidedly unsexy — child poverty.

The startling new advert shows hot models growing increasingly upset as they struggle to read disturbing facts about child poverty in a “sexy” way.

The new ad for Save The Children begins with the director telling the models they’re there to sell a “very sexy brand”.

“It’s visceral, it’s intimate. We’re selling sexy here,” the director says.

Taking his instructions to heart, the models start by reading their cure cards with “sexy” phrases, while staring seductively into the camera.

“What is sexy?” they ask. “What are your deepest desires?”.

“Lust is my mistress,” says one beefy male model, running his hand through his hair.

However, the models are stunned and disturbed when they see the next cue card, which says: “Almost 800 mothers and 18,000 young children die each day, mostly from preventable causes.”

The director instructs them to make the disturbing fact “sexy”, something the models struggle to do.

Looking shocked, one model asks “You want me to say that sexy?”.

Gamely trying to press one, both male and female models become emotional.

One woman fans herself as she grows flustered, another woman looks downcast and one man asks to take a break to walk off his overwhelming emotions after struggling to make his line seem seductive.

The director then admits there’s nothing anyone can do to make the issue of child poverty and war “sexy”, even though it’s an issue that is vitally important and deserves attention.

The compelling video has been released in time for Save the Children’s annual State of the World’s Mothers report to make Mother’s Day.

“Beyond the Mother’s Day flowers and the brunches for the moms in our own lives, we want people to do something for mothers who are facing extreme challenges every day,” said Save the Children President and CEO Carolyn Miles.

“That’s why we set out to create a video that will not only grab people’s attention, but also get them to act. We know that talking about mothers and babies struggling to survive during war and disaster isn’t sexy. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be doing something about it,” says Ms Miles.

The video was created by advertising agency Big Block Live, which earlier this year created Save The Children Most Shocking Second a Day video, which went viral and wracked up more than 25 million views on YouTube.

That video also takes an untraditional approach to the serious issues, asking “what if a war broke out in the UK like it did in Syria?”.

It follows the life of a girl in the fictional war-torn UK over one year. It was released to mark the third-year anniversary of the Syrian conflict.