Feb 28, 2014

Kate Rothschild alarms friends with rapper boyfriend

Kate Rothschild alarms friends with rapper boyfriend
Kate Rothschild alarms friends with rapper boyfriend. Kate Rothschild’s friends are concerned about the British banking heiress’ growing wild side, after she was spotted partying in grubby clothes with her rapper boyfriend.

The 39-year-old mother of three was seen wearing sneakers and a tracksuit to a glitzy London nightclub last week, causing a stir when her companion, the extravagantly monikered Jay Electronica, got into an argument with door staff after he was denied him entry.

“To be quite frank I was shocked when I saw the pictures,” a longstanding family friend of the Rothschilds told the Daily Mail . “One tries not to jump to conclusions, but when she goes out looking like that it is terribly worrying.”

The incident underscored what Ms Rothschild’s friends described as a total transformation since 2003, when she married the fabulously wealthy Ben Goldsmith in what was the society wedding of the year.

The marriage imploded in 2012 after Mr Goldsmith uncovered Ms Rothschild’s yearlong affair with the US rapper, whose real name is Timothy Elpadaro Thedford, after finding text messages between the two.

Soon after, Ms Rothschild’s society invitations are said have dried up — not that she seems to mind.

“Kate leads a dual life,” the family friend said. “She is a fantastic mother, utterly dedicated to her three children, but when not on mummy duty she and Jay have a very different lifestyle.”

Mr Thedford, 37, is said to have introduced Ms Rothschild to his world of drinking and partying, which couldn’t be further from her comfortable upbringing.

But for better or for worse, close observers think Ms Rothschild is following her heart.

“Whereas Ben is socially confident and comfortable dealing with huge financial deals, he wouldn’t be able to change a tyre,” the friend said. “Jay could strip down the entire engine and put it back together. I think Kate finds that exciting. There is a passion in this relationship which was sadly lacking with Ben, for all that they were best friends.”

Ms Rothschild and Mr Thedford are both “square pegs in round holes,” the friend added. “Perhaps that’s what has kept them together through everything.”