Feb 28, 2014

Crags Hotel revenge against complaining guests

Crags Hotel revenge against complaining guests. An outraged hotel owner has hit back at guests who left a negative review on TripAdvisor.

When the disgruntled couple described their stay at the Crags Hotel in Callander, Scotland as a “nightmare”, owner Alex Scrivenor responded with a Basil Fawlty-style post.

The critical review read: “Stay clear of this hotel, was the worst experience ever ... Was a nightmare from very beginning as they double-booked our room and continually lied to us about the booking.”

In response, Scrivenor, 41, accused the couple of getting drunk, threatening other guests, damaging a wall and failing to pay their £400 ($750) room fee after they were removed by police.

His tirade — which ended with the sign-off ‘Basil’, has now gone viral despite being removed from the website yesterday.

It read: “ ... from henceforth I will remember Valentine’s as the miserable day that I had the misfortune to meet you, your husband and your friends from England! And the 16th Feb. will now be called ’Hatchet Sunday’ in memory of the review you left us.

Later on he said: “I understand that you were angry with me ... to arrive at a hotel and be told that you can’t have the room you booked is frustrating! I get that! That is why I gave you a free bottle of wine ... and £15 ($28) off the room ... and a free night’s stay in March!

“(I was contemplating also throwing in a wee hug for you both ... but I felt there might be health consequences!).

“I have struggled to understand why you then felt the need to go on a drunken rant through the hotel, threatening customers and shouting abuse?

“ ... In conclusion. you have ruined me! You have set my therapy back some six months ... You have stripped me of my greatest strength. my compassion. I will be forever, a ‘Basil’.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson confirmed to the Scotsman.com that officers had been called to the hotel, saying: “A 45-year-old man has been charged following a vandalism at a hotel in Callendar on 14th February 2014.”

Just last month another hotel manager landed in hot water for her TripAdvisor rant.