Aug 18, 2013

Sea snail in knee

Sea snail in knee
Sea snail in knee. When most of us go to the beach, the best souvenir we can hope for is sand in our shoes and maybe a shell or two.

But for one little boy it was a little more exciting when a snail emerged from his knee following a trip to the beach.

Four year-old Paul Franklin from Aliso Viejo in Orange County, was left baffled when the small creature appeared after his mother Rachael decided to squeeze his wounded knee which he had grazed after falling on rocks during a family camping holiday.

At first, Rachael didn't think much of the injury which Paul sustained while on holiday with his family in Spooner's Cove, California.

'It was just a little owie,' she told the Orange County Register.

'But one that kept seeping and never quite scabbed up.'

After cleaning the wound with antibiotic liquid and applying a small bandage, she didn't think any more of it.

But a week later, Paul managed to re-open the cut after falling while ice skating. Soon, his knee became red, swollen and hot to touch.

Doctors told Rachael that it was a staph infection, and took samples from Paul's knee tissue to test  for dangerous viruses.

The doctor prescribed a heavy dose of antibiotics,and sent them on their way.
Sea snail in knee

Ten days later the scab was looking much better, and Rachael thought she could put the ordeal behind her.

It was only when Paul fell on his knee again that his mother knew something was wrong. Filled with what looked like black puss, she decided the wound needed draining.

'I know the doctors didn't want to drain it, but that sucker needed draining!' she said.

To Rachel's surprise, what emerged when she squeezed the graze was not just oozing discharge, but a little black snail.

At first, she and Paul mistook the tiny creature for a rock, only realizing that it was in fact a small sea snail when they saw something moving inside its hard shell.

Paul's father, Ken, believes the little animal made its way into his son's leg after he fell onto a nest of snail's eggs at the beach in Spooner's Cove.

Rachael is now trying to find marine biologists who will be able to tell her how such a turn of events came about.

Paul, who describes the whole incident as "crazy" has since named the snail Turbo.

It now lives in a small fishbowl with the family's other pet, a beta fish called Dory.