Apr 12, 2013

Man Hospitalized after Live Eel Stuck Inside Him, Chewing Through Colon

A Chinese man rushed to hospital after he got live eel stuck inside him. The man inserted the 20-inch-long Asian swamp eel into his anus after seeing it done in a porn movie, and he had to endure all-night surgery to have it extracted.

According to a Chinese site Mop.com, the eel reportedly chewed through the man's colon, perforating his large intestine, and became stuck in his body cavity. A graphic X-ray image shows how far inside the eel was when the man came in for treatment.

Medical team members reportedly said the eel, which was “simply trying to find its way out," was alive when removed but died shortly thereafter. According to the Sun, the man is still recovering at the hospital and might face animal cruelty charges.

“This was a particularly idiotic stunt and could have caused him a serious injury. Eels have small but very sharp teeth,” they added.

A police spokesman said: “We are aware of what happened and a 39-year-old man will be interviewed over alleged animal cruelty.”

Photo credit http://999thepoint.com

Meet the Asian Swamp Eel 

The Asian swamp eel (genus Monopterus), also known as the rice eel, rice paddy eel, or swamp eel, is a three-foot long, one-pound fish that is native to Central and South America, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and East Asia (including Japan, Korea, and China). There are swamp eels in Australia, but it's not certain that they're native there.

Swamp eels are a common food in many parts of Asia, where they are typically sold live in markets.