Sep 29, 2014

‘Bear at door’: Canadian postman has fair excuse for failing to deliver parcel

‘Bear at door’: Canadian postman has fair excuse for failing to deliver parcel. A mail carrier in British Columbia, Canada, has been unable to deliver a package to a house – and it's all because of a bear on the prowl.

Matthew Fane, from a Vancouver suburb, tweeted Wednesday a photo of a note left for him by a Canada Post worker indicating that the reason he was unable to drop off a parcel was because there was a 'bear at door.'

A picture of the decent-sized black mammal has since surfaced to prove the claim, showing the grizzly scarily lurking out front of the house.

Fane was impressed with the postal carrier's justification, writing on Twitter: 'Ok, fair enough @canadapostcorp that's a decent reason to not drop the package off at my door.'

When the Canadian mail service responded asking Fane to provide his exact location so that they could investigate the incident, the homeowner insisted he had no complaints.

'The service was great, ' he tweeted, 'just thought it was funny.'

Speaking to Huffington Post Canada, Mr Fane said furry predators are not uncommon in his neck of the woods.

In response to curious commenters on Twitter, the homeowner clarified that that mail carrier left the note at his mailbox up the street from the house.

Fane kept mum on the contents of the parcel, the delivery of which was thwarted by the arrival of the unexpected woodland visitor.

There is no word on what kind of bear it was, but British Columbia is home to massive populations of both black and grizzly bears.

The concise missive from the postal worker has become a viral hit on Twitter, having been shared more than 4,000 times in a single day, and counting.