Jun 5, 2014

New York playboy Michael Curreri robbed

New York playboy Michael Curreri robbed. A WEALTHY Manhattan man thought he was living the dream when he brought home two gorgeous women from a nightclub.

When they got to his pad, his sexy dates ripped off their clothes and took a shower together — fuelling his fantasy, reports The New York Post.

Then the girls fixed him a stiff drink, and that’s when the lights went out.

Twelve hours later, Michael Curreri woke up in a daze to find the women — and his valuables — long gone.

“I’m sure that’s not how he expected the night would end. If it’s too good to be true, it probably [is],” said a source.

Mr Curreri, 23, a former United Nations intern who posts flashy photos of himself on social media, met the sneaky vixens during a wild Saturday night at hot spot Tao restaurant, law-enforcement sources said. They got to his apartment around 1am.

Mr Curreri told cops he remembers having a drink, and the next thing he knew, it was 1pm and he had been robbed blind, police sources said.

His apartment was torn apart and his $US10,000 ($10,800) Rolex watch, Mac laptop and $US10,600 in cash were gone, the sources said.

The come-hither crooks also made off with his $US2000 passport holder, his iPhone and a pair of $US800 sunglasses.

They even swiped an iPhone belonging to his brother, William, who was in the apartment and slept through the whole thing, cops said.

Mr Curreri is hardly the first guy to get duped by the sexy scam, a law-enforcement source said.

“These cases are very common in Manhattan. What usually happens is the victim — the man — is drinking at a bar and picks up a call girl.

“He gets drunk and brings her back to his apartment,” the law-enforcement source said.

“He passes out from the drinking or maybe he was drugged and the prostitute ransacks the apartment, stealing his property,” the source said.

“When he wakes up, he finds that’s he’s been ripped off. It’s very embarrassing for the victim, so in some cases he won’t report it, particularly if he’s married,” the source said.

There’s no indication that the women who conned Mr Curreri were prostitutes, police sources said.

Both of the thieves had long hair and weighed 115 to 120 pounds. One was white, the other was black, cops said.

Mr Curreri’s Facebook page — which has since been scrubbed — featured photos of himself posed next to a Porsche and relaxing on the beach.

It also notes he’s a former intern for the “Permanent Mission of Iraq to the United Nations” and graduated from George Washington University Law School in 2012.

He declined to comment.