Jun 11, 2014

Miranda Kerrs little boy Flynns a bloomin natural in front of the lens

Miranda Kerrs little boy Flynns a bloomin natural in front of the lens. As the son of a supermodel and a movie superstar, it was always going to be in the blood.

So no one was really surprised when Flynn Bloom turned out to be a natural when he took his first turn in front of the lens.

Miranda Kerr’s three-year-old son with former husband, actor Orlando Bloom, happily posed with his famous mum during a secret shoot for Vogue Australia in Sydney last month.

Kerr appears with Flynn, who is standing on two crates to plant a kiss on his mum’s cheek.
Vogue editor Edwina McCann said the youngster, whose face is partially concealed in the photos, was an eager subject.

“He loved it. Loved being involved and working with mummy, and the crew fell in love with him. He’s such a confident little kid and they have a playful relationship,” she said.

The idea for Flynn to appear was Kerr’s, McCann said. “She had to approve the image and had to check with Orlando in advance,” McCann said.

The image will prompt comparisons to the 2012 Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot featuring Kidman and her then 16-month-old daughter Faith, a photograph also captured and published by McCann while at the helm of that magazine.

In his first shoot for Vogue, Flynn wears a pair of crisply ironed pyjamas. Asked if famous mothers and their offspring had become an artistic theme of hers, McCann said she loved the vulnerabilities that come to the fore in such photographic essays.