May 13, 2014

Boy Elton John wanted to adopt trapped in Ukraine

Boy Elton John wanted to adopt trapped in Ukraine. A little boy who was almost adopted by Elton John when the singer toured a Ukrainian orphanage for HIV-positive children back in 2009 is now living in a war zone.

The singer met Lev Ageyev, who is now aged five, when he was just a toddler at the orphanage.

A picture taken during the visit shows the happy boy being nursed on Sir Elton’s knee.

“I would love to adopt him. He has stolen my heart,” The Sun quoted the singer as saying at the time.

But plans to adopt him proved fruitless because homosexual couples cannot adopt under Ukrainian law.

Sir Elton and partner David Funrish have since started their own family (via a surrogate) with sons Zachary and Elijah.

Lev, meanwhile is now living with brother Artyom and grandmother Yulia in the town of Mariupol, where clashes between Ukrainian and Russian forces on May 9 left 21 people dead.

“It’s difficult now in our city. There were some shootings at night. I have taken Lev out of kindergarten until the trouble is over,” Lev’s grandmother told the Sun.

“People say war will start soon. For my boys’ sake, I’m praying there will be no war. It’s the most horrible thing.”

Yulia, who rescued Lev from the orphanage, said she believed the boy and the singer had a bond.

“I know he felt something for Lev. We’re worried what will happen so any help he could give us would be appreciated.”