May 21, 2014

Bill Medley wifes murder

Bill Medley wifes murder. The Righteous Brothers star Bill Medley is still hoping to catch the stalker who murdered his ex-wife almost 40 years ago.

The Unchained Melody singer's former partner Karen was strangled during an attempted rape at her home in California in 1976 and police have never caught her killer.

Medley admits the horror still haunts him to the present day, and he remains determined to track down the murderer. He even employs a private detective to keep searching for clues.

In his new memoir, The Time Of My Life, Medley writes, "The police have never solved the crime, and the case remains open to this day. But every few years it pops up again, like a kick in the gut... In spite of our divorce, Karen was my best friend. Over 35 years later, I'm still looking for the man who killed her. I've got a private eye on the case. And even now, it's just like a bad movie; it stops my heart just to talk about it."