Apr 17, 2014

Woman has epic meltdown on plane screaming God my saviour

Woman has epic meltdown on plane screaming God my saviour. A WOMAN’S dramatic meltdown has been captured on camera - with flight attendants telling passengers to try to stop her if she opened the emergency exit.

The unidentified woman was filmed shaking violently and frantically flipping the pages of her magazine, screaming ‘God is my saviour’ over and over.

A man sitting next to her tried to comfort her, but the unsettled woman just yelled louder to the distress of other passengers.

Passenger Reed Stanley filmed the hysterical scene on an American Airlines flight heading to Tampa in October last year.

The YouTube video has been viewed more than 700,000 times. You can watch it below.

Stanley, who shot the video, said the woman began ranting about 20 minutes after takeoff.

Initially she asked people nearby to pray for her because she recently lost her mother, but it wasn’t long before she went beserk.

Stanley said flight attendants asked passengers to block the frantic woman if she tried to open the plane doors.

“The flight attendant has asked me that if she tries to head to the back door of the plane, I’m to block her,” Stanley narrated in his clip.

“I don’t know if this guy next to her knows her or not, but he’s been trying to calm her down the whole time.”

It’s not known what happened to the woman or who she is, but passengers appeared very relieved when she began to calm down.