Apr 8, 2014

Pandas embroiled in MH370 drama

Pandas embroiled in MH370 drama. THE Chinese are furious.

They have lost 153 citizens on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and now the Chinese government is going to give some pandas to Malaysia.

Why would they do such a thing?

For decades, it has been common practice for the Chinese government to offer a pair of giant pandas to its nearest and dearest to mark an important event. Not only does it help with international relations it also shows off the grand creatures to the world.

This year, Malaysia is tipped to get a bamboo-munching duo for the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties with China and they have spent millions preparing their enclosure.

But since the handling of the MH370, with Malaysia failing to present any answers to the suffering relatives of the lost Chinese passengers, people are fuming.
Social media users imply Malaysia is directly responsible for the fate of missing loved ones and that the country doesn’t deserve the pandas. They are begging the government to not let the cuddly creatures go missing too.