Apr 22, 2014

Elizabeth Hurley mouse invasion

Elizabeth Hurley mouse invasion. British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley was left petrified after she discovered her country home had been overrun with mice.

The Bedazzled star spotted a rodent scurrying out from underneath a sofa last week (ends20Apr14), leaving guests at her house in a panic.

She told fans on Twitter.com, "Mayhem. A mouse just shot out from behind the sofa. Screaming women (me loudest) and children."

Hurley dealt with the situation by asking her mother to bring over her pet cats: "My mom on her way round with her two killer cats. I'm having a stiff drink."

She later added, "Operation Vermin started early this morning. On my hands and knees looking for evidence... Thank you for all your rodent killing advice... taking it all on board. Have declared war on them."