Mar 5, 2014

Travellers pens shocking note to Carey Smith pilot

Travellers pens shocking note to Carey Smith pilot. IT WAS the last thing pilot Carey Smith Steacy expected to find at the end of her flight.

Instead of a message of thanks for a good trip, Steacy was shocked when she was handed an infuriating note left behind by a passenger.

The note, written on a serviette by ‘David’ who was in seat 12E on the Calgary-bound flight on the weekend, complained that the cockpit of a plane “is no place for a woman”.

Travellers pens shocking note to Carey Smith pilot
Travellers pens shocking note to Carey Smith pilot

He asked the airline to alert him the next time “a fair lady is at the helm, so I can book another flight!”

Steacy, who lives in Surrey, Canada, posted the photos on her Facebook page along this response: “To @David in 12E on my flight #463 from Calgary to Victoria today. It was my pleasure flying you safely to your destination.

“Thank you for the note you discreetly left me on your seat. You made sure to ask the flight attendants before we left if I had enough hours to be the Captain so safety is important to you, too.

“I have heard many comments from people throughout my 17-year career as a pilot. Most of them positive. Your note is, without a doubt, the funniest. It was a joke, right? RIGHT?? I thought, not. You were more than welcome to deplane when you heard I was a ‘fair lady’.

“You have that right. Funny, we all, us humans, have the same rights in this great free country of ours. Now, back to my most important role, being a mother.”

The response earned her a lot of praise on Twitter.

Steacy told Canada’s MetroNews that she had never encountered such rude remarks from a passenger before.

“I just couldn’t believe there are still people in this country that think like that,” she said. “It just shocked me.”

Westjet spokesman Robert Palmer told “We are enormously proud of the professionalism, skills and expertise of our pilots and we were disappointed to see this note.”

He said the airline doesn’t wish to engage further about the incident, as “to do so only serves to lend credibility to the note, which it doesn’t deserve”.