Mar 4, 2014

The Game: 'I never slept with Kim Kardashian'

The Game: 'I never slept with Kim Kardashian'
The Game: 'I never slept with Kim Kardashian'. Rapper The Game has hit out at tabloid reports suggesting he has slept with Kim Kardashian after opening up about their past romance during a recent radio interview.

The Dreams hitmaker was clearing up rumors alleging he was dating Kardashian's sister, Khloe, during a chat on Britain's BBC Radio 1xtra station last week (ends28Feb14) when he revealed he had actually previously been linked to Kim.

He said, "It's funny man 'cause me (sic) and Khloe we're cool. People don't know, but I've been knowing (sic) Khloe for 12 years... I went and dated Kim for a while. A little short while... A long time ago... We went to McDonald's twice. Pulled up in a drive through."

The revelation made headlines, with writers posting a story titled, "The Game - I Didn't Bang Khloe... But I Did Bang Kim".

However, The Game has since accused website editors of misleading readers by twisting his words and trying to stir up controversy with Kim's fiance, Kanye West.

Taking to on Friday (28Feb14), he wrote, "@TMZ being messy (sic). I didn't say I banged (had sex with) anyone. Spoke briefly on a very old situation & y'all put extra on it as only y'all would do (sic).

"Got a lot of love 4 (sic) Kanye, Kim & their union as well as family... Tryna f**k peoples families up for headlines (sic). SMFH (shaking my f**king head), comes with the territory though so f**k it!!!! Back to loving my kids & getting this $$$ (money)."

His Twitter rant apparently went unnoticed by TMZ editors, who followed up that story on Sunday (02Mar14) by unearthing what they claimed was an unreleased version of Ray J's scandalous track I Hit It First, which featured a verse by The Game.

The accusation has since prompted the rapper to return to the social-networking blog to deny ever working on the song with Ray J, writing, "man stop, some 1 took a old verse & put it on there (sic)".

Ray J famously co-starred in Kim's 2007 sex tape.