Mar 1, 2014

Ian Cuthbert Wife Flyer

Ian Cuthbert Wife Flyer, A bitter husband has used extreme tactics to embarrass his wife — after he heard allegations she left him for another man.

Ian Cuthbert, 46, posted flyers of his estranged wife Alison Kidd, 34, in her underwear around the small town near Edinburgh, Scotland, in September.

He was in an “extreme state” following the break down of his marriage when he plastered the signs on a local school notice board, on trees, car windshields and light posts.

The sign featured Ms Kidd, a nursery assistant, in a sexual pose with the warning: “Lock up your husbands”. It also claimed she was “married and committing adultery within days”.

Luckily, workers at East Craigs Primary School removed the flyers before the children arrived for the day.

Mr Cuthbert, an IT worker, has pleaded guilty to distributing offensive photographs of his wife at Edinburgh Sherrif’s Court.

His wife said she was “shocked and embarrassed” by the incident.

Ms Kidd told the Edinburgh Evening News cowboy-hat wearing Mr Cuthbert, who she is currently divorcing, is “a nasty piece of work” and she is relieved to be moving on from the “abusive relationship”.

“I was shocked and embarrassed by what happened, but to be honest I wasn’t surprised he did something like that. It was the sort of thing he would do. He’s a nasty piece of work. He was very bitter that I wanted to leave and he was paranoid,” she said outside court.

The couple tied the knot in March last year, with the relationship turning sour not long after.