Feb 7, 2014

Woman jailed for trolling herself

Woman jailed for trolling herself. Michelle Chapman of Cornwall, England, found her own twisted way of doing so using Facebook.

Chapman created fake Facebook profiles of her father and his wife among others and sent herself hundreds of abusive messages “from them.”

After Chapman went to the police complaining of the supposed “threats,” Police arrested her stepmother and issued warnings to her father. Two other members of her extended family who had also sent “abusive messages” to Chapman also received police warnings.

An Internet forensics team discovered the sham when it turned out that the profiles had been created from Chapman’s home.

This is definitely not the first time someone has created an online alias using Facebook. A man in India cheated about 500 people by posing as a young girl to try to lure influential officials with seductive comments and postings. He allegedly exchanged photos and when he won their confidence, he would blackmail them, threatening to expose their true colours.

After calling her “wicked,” Judge Christopher Harvey Clark sentenced Chapman to 20 months in prison and banned her from having any access to a computer.

Hey, at least she can now say she’s the first person ever to be jailed for trolling herself on Facebook … from the confinements of her small cell, of course.