Feb 4, 2014

Orowo Jesse Omokoh arrested over death

Orowo Jesse Omokoh arrested over death. A Nigerian man arrested over the death of a widow from WA’s Great Southwen he was allegedly scamming is being investigated over more than 30 online personas used to con women worldwide.

Nigerian police took 28-year-old Orowo Jesse Omoko into custody on January 28.

The graduate, who attended the University of Ibadan, in Nigeria’s south-west, will be brought before court for extradition proceedings, a spokesman said.

Wagin woman Jette Jacobs, who was found dead in South Africa last February.

The grandmother is thought to have sent tens of thousands of dollars to Nigeria during her four-year online “romance” with the man she knew as Jesse.

The Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) – which investigates money-laundering and online scams – said Australian Federal Police believe Omokoh had defrauded Ms Jacobs of up to $US90,000.

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