Feb 5, 2014

Acts Of Kindness To Restaurant Servers

Acts Of Kindness To Restaurant Servers, While we often hear nasty stories about how people act toward each other in public, sometimes its good to hear the good stories too. It doesn’t always take much to make someone’s day. Weve covered a lot of stories of people giving outrageous tips or patrons buying one another meals, so we thought it would good to collect some of the most interesting stories out there. Check out our favorites below.

1Benevolent pizza delivery man tipper

Many food delivery men are used to being stiffed on the extras but one Internet prankster has turned the tables. Stuart Edge turns wishful thinking into big money for these unsuspecting workers thinking that they’re getting a $5 tip. Edge magically turns five $1 into $20s. The reactions are priceless.

2Spreading the post victory love

After winning against the Houston Texans on Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali treated a large group of friends and family to dinner at a local Brazilian steakhouse. Basking in the post game victory, Hali tacked on an additional $1,000 tip to his $1,800 restaurant bill. We’re sure Hali converted a few waiters into die hard Chiefs fans after that meal.

3Paying it forward, celebrity edition

Restaurant wait staff are often notoriously underpaid, but one New Hampshire waitress did not let that stop her from footing the bill for two deserving soldiers. Sarah Hoidahl, a single mother, treated two National Guard members to lunch as a thank you for their service. The story received national attention and less than a week later, Hoidahl’s kindness was returned. Celebrity comedian and day time talk show host Ellen DeGeneres rewarded the waitress with a check for $10,000.

4Free food for feds during slimdown
During the recent government slimdown, one Colorado restaurant decided to step in. Poor Richards in Colorado Springs offered a free meal to furloughed government workers (with valid ID) stranded for weeks without pay. The meal came as a welcome surprise to many local residents.

5100 free meals for complete strangers

Unadulterated kindness may be rare in Sin City, but one Las Vegas man may have made a big difference. Local resident Marcus Mitchell spent National Pay It Forward Day handing out free meal vouchers to passersby on the Strip. “I’m just trying to spread some kindness,” Mitchell, whose wife died of stomach cancer 2009, told Fox5′s KVVU.

6Hard work pays off

As a full time server and part-time student, CeCe Bruce had been working hard to fund her education. One night, after dealing with a particularly difficult customer, one of her regulars decided it was time one of her favorite waitresses caught a break. A diner named Miss Jo left Bruce a 7000 percent tip on her total bill of $5.97. That’s $446 – not a bad haul from one night at a Steak ‘n Shake.

7Superstar Swift surprises staff with a show

Pop-country darling Taylor Swift may actually be as sweet as she looks. Earlier this year, Swift dined at Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in Philadelphia with band mates after a set. Apparently, she was so taken with the food and service that she offered chef Sam Gallo free tickets to her next show. Swift also left a $500 tip for the waiters. Ralph’s Restaurant excitedly Tweeted:

Wed like 2thank @taylorswift13 @edsheeran @AustinMahone 4 coming in 4dinner last night!We hope u enjoyed everything! pic.twitter.com/XUJts3C87w

” Ralph’s Restaurant (@RalphsItalRest) July 20, 2013

8An Oregon bartender wins big

Aurora Kephart, a bartender at Conway’s Restaurant in Springfield, Ore., was used to receiving lottery tickets as a tip from one of her regular patrons. But in early October, one Keno ticket truly paid off. Kephart checked the numbers and discovered she had won $17,500. After trying to return the ticket to her loyal customer, Kephart accepted his refusal but ultimately decided to share a portion of her winnings.