Dec 20, 2013

Murat Col Set Girlfriend On Fire Said He Didn’t Mean It

Murat Col Set Girlfriend On Fire Said He Didn’t Mean It, MURAT Col was in a fit of rage.

The Sydney real estate agent who loved luxury and “elegance” had come home from a work barbecue and flown into a temper at his girlfriend, Maryanne Scott.

He took a bottle of methylated spirits from a cupboard and threatened to burn her alive.

By midnight an ambulance would be taking her, shaking and in agony from full thickness burns, to a hospital intensive care unit where she was put on life support.

But in a turn around which shocked friends and later a criminal court, Ms Scott said she had forgiven Col.

“Scarred for life”: Maryanne Scott suffered full thickness burns when her boyfriend threw methylated spirits on her and flicked a cigarette lighter. Picture: Facebook. Source: Facebook

The case of Murat Col and Maryanne Scott has eerie echoes of the case of Simon Gittany, who threw girlfriend Lisa Harnum off a balcony in a fit of rage, and who then sat through a murder trial with the loving support of his new girlfriend, Rachelle Louise.

Ms Scott and Col both told a NSW court he didn’t mean to hurt her.

Scarred for life and suffering from ongoing pain, Ms Scott said of her attacker during the 2011 trial, she “loves him and plans to marry him”.

Three judges of the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal this month rejected Col’s case and he will be behind bars for up to a decade, with his full sentence expiring in 2021.

Justice Stephen Rothman and two fellow judges turned down Murat Col’s bid for freedom. Picture: News Limited. Source: News Limited

Like Gittany, Col was a 38-year-old man with a taste for the finer things in life, and had a positive future until his violent actions towards his girlfriend brought his world crashing down around him.

And like Gittany, he had a violent past.