Oct 8, 2013

Daisy Gutierrez Charged With Murdering Ex-Boyrfriend

Daisy Gutierrez Charged With Murdering Ex-Boyrfriend
Daisy Gutierrez Charged With Murdering Ex-Boyrfriend, A teen mum has been charged with first degree murder for luring her ex-boyfriend into her bedroom before he was stabbed and decapitated by her new lover.

Chicago Sun-Times reported Daisy Gutierrez lured Jose Reyes, 28, into her Chicago home by undressing as her boyfriend lay in wait on May 21.

He then allegedly stabbed Reyes and hit him with a pipe before decapitating the man, whose official cause of death was multiple sharp force injuries and assault.

Daisy Gutierrez then called her father Salvador Gutierrez, 56, and told him she had “fixed the problem” before convincing him to help her get rid of the body.

Salvador Gutierrez allegedly watched as the killer dismembered Reyes’ body and then spent three hours digging a hole in the backyard for the body parts. He has been charged with concealing a homicide.

Daisy Gutierrez fled to New Jersey with her new boyfriend, with whom she is expecting her fourth child.

Police discovered Reyes’ body parts on Friday, but it is not clear who tipped them off.

Chicago Police think a love triangle was at the centre of the violence, with a prosecutor saying Daisy Gutierrez had children with Reyes’ brother.

Assistant State’s Attorney Heather Kent said Reyes had expressed his own interest in Daisy Gutierrez and had been calling her.

Meanwhile, father and daughter have admitted their roles in Reyes’ death. The judge set Daisy Gutierrez’s bond at $2 million and her father’s at $500,000.