Aug 21, 2013

Zayn Malik Is Engaged

Zayn Malik Is Engaged. BRACE YOURSELVES, friends! Zayn Malik of One Direction is ENGAGED, and, well, it's a lot to take in. Because in case you hadn't heard, Zayn and his on-again-off-again-but-now-DEFINITELY-FOREVER-ON-AGAIN girlfriend, Little Mix member Perrie Edwards, are about to make it official! Or, in simpler terms that will break your heart, Zayn Malik asked Perrie Edwards to marry him, and the brilliant girl said YES. Because she is brilliant. And we're definitely not going to cry about it. (Except that we're definitely going to cry about it.)

So, now's the part where you're probably asking yourselves, HOW did this happen? Well, yesterday, while the VMA nominees and presenters attended the U.K. premiere of "This Is Us," Zayn's now-fiancée, Perrie, was spotted wearing a glacier on her wedding ring finger. Which, um, obviously sparked a gazillion rumors that Zayn had popped the question.

Several hours later, One Direction's rep AND ZAYN'S MOTHER confirmed the engagement news, and the rest, as they say, is a flood of jealousy tears flowing from the entire female population.

Also, there's more: Zayn's actual proposal sounds intensely romantic -- he reportedly popped the question this past weekend while he and Perrie were spending some quality "alone" time together. (Alone time = ENGAGEMENT TIME. #AW.) Seriously, biggest wedding since Kate and Prince Whatshisname.

And here's the sad truth: We know it's sad when a boy-bander goes off the market. Especially when said boy-bander has an impeccably chiseled jawline. That said, we'll just do as we did when the Jonas Brothers' Kevin Jonas got engaged: TRY to be happy for everyone involved (emphasis on "try). And by "happy," we mean creepily looking for an imitation ring that looks exactly like Perrie's and shopping for a Mrs. Malik white fleece bridal hoodie. #Kidding #NotKidding