Aug 28, 2013

Young Hitler killed by Mercedes

Young Hitler killed by Mercedes
Young Hitler killed by Mercedes. A spoof advertisement, which shows a young Adolf Hitler being knocked down and killed by a Mercedes-Benz, has outraged bosses at the auto firm.

They say the unauthorized spot — where a C-Class' collision-prevention technology avoids hitting two girls before hitting Hitler as his mom screams his name — is "inappropriate." 

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The darkly comic clip, entered into the national "First Steps" competition sponsored by the car company, begins with the vehicle winding its way through an Austrian village.Two girls playing in the road are saved by the car's safety tech, but it then plows into the young Adolf.

On impact viewers see, for a split-second, what the young boy would have become.

The ad ends with the kicker: "Detects dangers before they come up."

Mercedes-Benz spokesman Tobias Mueller told The Huffington Post that it had ordered the filmmakers to add a disclaimer saying it was not an official advertisement.

But the students behind the clip — Tobias Haase, Jan Mettler, Lydia Lohse and Gun Adyemir - said, "We wanted to pose the question of what might happen if technology had a soul."