Aug 19, 2013

Teen killed in kite flying row

Teen killed in kite flying row
Teen killed in kite flying row. A group of teenagers has kicked and beat a 17-year-old to death after a kite-flying dispute on the rooftops of the Indian capital.

Rajan Chand had been flying a kite in a northeast Delhi neighbourhood on Friday when he apparently angered another boy by snapping the line on his kite, police say.

The boy allegedly threatened Chand, who ignored the threat as a passing remark.

The next evening the boy and three others attacked Chand and his friend, hitting Chand with a metal object and beating the two until they were unconscious in the street.

Chand was declared dead at the hospital late on Saturday, while his friend is still receiving treatment.

Police officer VV Choudhary says a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old have been arrested.

Local residents demonstrated in front of the police station against the killing.

It's not clear if Chand and the other boy had been in a kite-flying competition or if it was just an accident.

Kite-flying can be fiercely competitive in India and other South Asian countries, with competitors often coating their lines with powdered glass in order to slice through others' lines.

August is considered peak season for kite flying in northern India, with the monsoon season bringing strong, warm winds.