Aug 6, 2013

Staten Island man charged sell baby Craigslist

Staten Island man charged sell baby Craigslist. Authorities on Staten Island have arrested a man on charges he tried to sell a baby on Craigslist.

Sources say 22-year-old Paul Marquez tried to sell the two-month-old baby for $100 on Craigslist because he wasn't spending much time with the infant's busy working mother. Sources say he felt the baby was in the way of a romantic relationship with her mother so he posted the two ads trying to sell the infant as revenge.
Marquez will have his next court appearance on Tuesday at Staten Island Criminal Court.

The 19-year-old single mom refused to talk on camera with Eyewitness News about the man she met online. The suspect's mother had police guard her door to avoid the media attention. However, neighbors in the Castleton Corners section had plenty to say.

A neighbor who chose to remain anonymous said,

"That was real shocking, he's a quiet kid, and he goes in and out. He wasn't one of those outburst kids."

"How could you want to sell your girlfriend's baby? That's crazy!" said Julia Spencer.

The quickly removed Craigslist posting read,

"Heyy, I have a two month old baby, she loves to play and have her little fun, but there is only one problem. The doctor said that she has asthma, and if she turns a certain way, she can stop breathing. She's really getting on my nerves and I don't want her. Please email me."

One person actually offered to buy the baby, after getting the mother's number from Marquez.

Fortunately two others saw the posting and immediately called police. Since authorities were alerted, Marquez is charged with Aggravated Harassment and Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

He is facing a year behind bars, and his bail is set at $1,000. He is currently at Rikers Island.