Aug 20, 2013

Southeast Flood Threat Continues This Week

Southeast Flood Threat Continues This Week, The trend of wet weather will persist across the Southeast this week, continuing the flooding threat from Mississippi through the Carolinas.

Over the weekend, tropical moisture fueled round after round of heavy thunderstorms, bringing several inches of rain to Pensacola, Fla., Tallahassee, Fla., Macon, Ga., Mobile, Ala., and Gulfport, Miss.

Tropical moisture will continue to surge into the Southeast, extending the threat of flash flooding through the first part of the week. The areas at greatest risk include the Florida Panhandle and southern parts of Alabama and Georgia.

While these areas are at greatest risk for flooding, showers and thunderstorms across the rest of the Southeast could still cause localized flash flooding.

With the amount of rain that has fallen in the Southeast over recent weeks, the ground has become super saturated with water in many areas.

Any significant rainfall in these areas can quickly lead to flooding as rainwater will run off the ground rather than being absorbed.

This large amount of runoff can cause streams to jump outside of their banks with little to no notice.

This year has been an unusually wet year across the Southeast. Many major cities are several inches above their normal rainfall amount so far in 2013.

Atlanta, Ga., has been one of the wettest cities across the region in 2013, already receiving more rainfall this year than the city typically receives in an entire calendar year.

Columbus, Ga., is another city that has surpassed its yearly rainfall total, receiving over 50 inches of rain as of Aug. 18.

With more rain on the way, more cities are likely to join Atlanta and Columbus.