Aug 14, 2013

Professional cat-fighting is now a thing Huffington

Professional cat-fighting is now a thing Huffington, There is a new kink in the world of professional sports thanks to a rise in catfighting leagues.

Two separate troupes, one in Lansing, Mich., and the other in Nottingham, England, are trying to scratch out a niche by offering different forms of women’s catfighting, a “sport” similar to wrestling, but with more hair-pulling, eye scratching and face slapping.

Michigan’s own Klaw Mark Kittens take an “artistic” approach to catfighting, dressing up like vintage pinups and making the fights a part of set scenarios, such as a woman in a bumblebee dress start grappling with a woman wearing a flower hat.

“We call it vintage burlesque wrestling,” troupe leader Autumn Luciano told The Huffington Post, adding that the Klaw Mark Kittens take their name from ’50s-era underground filmmaker Irving Klaw, who made several catfighting videos starring Bettie Page.