Aug 1, 2013

Man disguises turtle as burger

Man disguises turtle as burger
Man disguises turtle as burger. Officers spotted the fast food snack in the passenger's luggage at China's Guangzhou Baiyan International Airport.

And their concerns were sparked by "suspicious corners" on the sandwich wrapper.

But the man - named only as "Mr Li" - insisted it was "nothing but a burger".

Staff pointed out the odd shape of the burger looked more like a turtle, but Mr Li added: "There is no turtle in there, just a hamburger. There's nothing special to see inside."

Unsurprisingly, when he was forced to open his bag, there was indeed a reptile hidden away.

Mr Li was forced to hand over his pet to a pal before he was able to get on his flight.

And Chinese internet users have been so tickled by the story, they've begun sharing an image of how they imagine the turtle must have looked!