Aug 23, 2013

Kim K post baby diet

Kim K post baby diet
Kim K post baby diet. It's been two months since Kim Kardashian and Kayne West welcomed daughter North, and while the world has yet to see their bundle of joy, we did get a brief glimpse of the reality star's fabulous new mom body.

To find out what Kim has been doing post-pregnancy, we went straight to the head of the Kardashian clan: Kris Jenner.

Kim has been staying with her mom since giving birth on June 15, and the talk-show host tells E! News' Ken Baker that in that time "she's been eating right and working out and she looks great!"

Most importantly? "She's trying to take it healthy," says Kris. "I think she's an inspiration to people that have to realize that you don't just have a baby and boom you just have your body back on Friday."

Besides, fitness and diet aren't a priority for Kim right now—motherhood comes first.

"She's nursing a baby," explains Kris. "She's been nesting and she's on this fantastic journey of being a mom. She's having the greatest experience."

Not that Kris (a mom of six!) hasn't been bestowing a few words of wisdom to her daughter. She says she simply tells Kim to "relax and enjoy it!"