Aug 1, 2013

How to Celebrate National Girlfriends Day

How to Celebrate National Girlfriends Day? There is Valentine's Day to celebrate those you love, but Girlfriend's Day is where you can honor any relationship- whether romantic or friendship- that you have with a girl. Here are the top ways to celebrate National Girlfriend's Day.

1. Go to the beach

August is the perfect month to spend a day (or a weekend) at the beach. Grab your favorite girl, some sunscreen, your best swim suit, your towels and flip flops and head on down to the beach.

2. An Afternoon Tea

You may think this is too much of an English tradition or something only older people do, but it's really not anymore. There are so many health benefits to tea and such fun places to go to get some. Be adventurous today and try out a new flavor.

3. Give Flowers

The majority of girls love flowers! Instead of giving a bouquet, why don't you get a planter of flowers that will keep longer and, depending on the kind you get, come back again.

4. Movie Marathon

Hit up the movie store or Netflix and rent all those chick flicks you have wanted to watch. Pop some pop corn and enjoy the day together.

5. Give to Others

Find some place you can both enjoy volunteering at and go for it!

6. Write a Sincere Thank-you Note

There is nothing like receiving a sincere not of appreciation from a dear friend. Get out some note cards and a pen and express how you feel ad appreciate your friend.

7. Send an E-card

Along the same lines as writing a note, send an e-card. If your best girlfriend is a distance away, still send out a card. It'll make her day!

8. Take a Yoga Class

Yoga is such a great way to relax, laugh and release some tension in your body. Hit up your local recreation center and find a class you can enjoy together. Maybe you could go for a stroll in the park afterwards.

9. Go Out for Dinner

With the economy the way it is, eating out has been trimmed in several budgets. Make a special day and go out for dinner or maybe just a yummy dessert. Spend time lingering at the table and enjoying the conversation.

10. Spa Day

You can do this one at home or actually go to a spa. Soak your feet and give yourself a pedicure. Pick out a complimentary color and also give yourself (or each other) a manicure. Make yourself feel better!

Remember it's not what you do to celebrate, it's about spending time with someone you love, honor and respect. How are you going to celebrate National Girlfriend's Day?