Aug 3, 2013

How Much Is Rupert Murdoch Vertigo Yacht Worth

How Much Is Rupert Murdoch Vertigo Yacht Worth
How Much Is Rupert Murdoch Vertigo Yacht Worth. Rupert Murdoch, 82-year-old media mogul's most recently purchased yacht is the seventh largest yacht in the world, which is pretty impressive considering he already has another yacht.

The 220 feet sailing super yacht Vertigo designed by Philippe Briand and was made in New Zealand by Alloy. Estimates as to the price of the yacht are around the $110 million mark.

It is both the yard’s and the designer’s biggest project. At 837 gross tonnes, this is the first time Alloy Yachts has ventured over 500 gross tonnes, with the added classification burdens that come when that frontier is crossed.

Built for extended cruising by a European couple with young children, Vertigo combines six-star luxury accommodation with serious performance and plenty of energy-sapping sporting equipment to keep guests of all ages fit and entertained anywhere in the world.

With a reputation for sleek, low-profile contemporary designs, Briand’s lines and proportions are superbly balanced. The superstructure is a sculpted dome arcing across the space between the two masts, with the line of the flybridge extending aft to a tapered point like a speed blur. Supported by delicate mullions, the whole superstructure appears to float on glass. Painted in Alexseal metallic silver over the jet black hull, the dome’s sense of weightlessness is emphasised. The total effect is of a low-slung profile, streamlined, aerodynamic, powerful.

Internal aesthetics, functionality and comfort were entrusted to the renowned French design house of Christian Liaigre – the first time he has undertaken a superyacht project from the outset.