Aug 3, 2013

Giorgio Armani $600 million yacht

Giorgio Armani $600 million yacht
There are few things that Giorgio Armani loves more than high fashion and a great fake tan, but his super-luxurious yacht is definitely up there.

Fashion guru chose to spend $600 million, high-profile purchase of a Luxury yacht as the favorite for the septuagenarian, no wife, no children's fashion godfather, the supreme luxury yacht is always the spirit of fashion the ultimate location.

Roam freely between the sea and quiet

    If you have 100 million, you can buy a limited edition Hermes crocodile leather birkin bag; 10 million, can be provisioned in the city center a luxury real estate; then when the owners of millions of assets, how should we go spending your Luxury times? Money is always in second place secondary factors play, we should have fun, it is necessary generous. And wander in the sea between the kind of freedom and tranquility, fun game, is the true meaning of happiness in life.

    "Main" on the private party

    On this day, the Israeli supermodel BarRefaeli membership already spend a sunny morning in time, carefully placed on the deck of four sun loungers to try to tan her skin was very fun. Afternoon, a dark blue Armani onto the deck and the captain shook hands, turned and asked her kindly greeting: "Hello, Refaeli! Leo how are you?" Rio is Refaeli's boyfriend, the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Armani yacht regulars. "He very good," Refaeli replied laughing, "but he was jealous of me on the ship, but he could not come yet." "I bet he will be jealous." Armani laughed, and specifically with the owner The eyes are looked at "Main", said somewhat proudly.

    6 very spacious, luxurious cabin, the most high-end Jacuzzi massage pool, indoor gym, cinema, many top bars, huge sun deck - all to "Main" well-deserved reputation for extravagance and luxury. Engine noise sea breeze from the window as Yingyingchaochao floated, turned Armani said, "This trip will last six weeks, will be four unique scenery of the Mediterranean port of landing." There Shengluopeizi, Sardinia Island, Ming Luoka, and Pat Elijah, where I have a house. "Enumerating a bronze Giorgio Armani said," This time, I invited six friends traveling together. "

    The world's most expensive "sanctuary" - I also need to pamper yourself

    That day, "Main" myth of luxury Armani mind is just a hazy shadow. Sitting on the balcony and chat with friends, laughing about his future plans. "Totally not prepared for, I mouth to say, 'In the last stage of my life." Despite his fruitful 35-year career has begun to gradually slowed down in retirement, in the eyes of others, his life is still a hurry. Opening of new hotels in Dubai and the annual goal of 10 fashion show always show ordinary people unmatched creativity. However, for Armani himself, the tour and the "Main" with the six-week sailing trip is the best way to recharge your batteries, "in the 'Main', I venture to retain their life." "Normally in the media to expose too much, the yacht is the best refuge."

    In the original "Mariu" number based on the rigorous Armani aesthetic mastery with their own demanding standards of the "Main". Within the main colors of his favorite gray and beige, together with light-colored birch floors and white shutters, painted walls and dark green color throughout the yacht seamless. This huge space, you can see the Armani Logo always proud to see you. Armani pens, silk wallpaper printed Logo, Armani Casa furniture, even the bottoms of the engine is smooth as new exclusive Armani's pure white. Armani's private cabin, every piece of furniture has two, a huge room with a sliding wall can be separated, it was said with a smile that is for lovers quarrel, it is intimate, but then the design. "Oh, that's not what I think ah." Armani After I heard a loud laugh. "Who says it can not be designed for a person? A great people who want to sleep, I just think that nothing more civilized." Armani classic sea breeze blowing his white shirt, his face young people feel that the time for this fashion guru who is so kind.

    "Fashion master" of futuristic life

    Famous actress Naomi - Watts will always Armani called "Captain Mr. Chic" - fashion masters. "His yacht was floating on the sea of ​​his own replica of: fashion, classic and unusual comfort." "Main" is synonymous with relaxation and no disguise, it's modern and futuristic unique not only in the master design, is to let the yacht is unmatched by high-tech equipment. Voice-activated door sensor can become an instant mirror-wall television screens, or even just a small button, the top deck will completely disappear, bright summer Milky Way sweeping ... ...

    However, even in the "Main" on vacation, Armani and never will be a lazy day, people sleep in the afternoon, on the contrary, to get up every morning exercises 7:00, 9:00 breakfast, after which remote enough to the beach, lunch, nap, afternoon go around the port, then aperitifs and dinner. This is why he will always be the guest list limited to only a few close friends in particular, because they are people who have the same life plan. "This is the rules of a ship," said Armani reach for a cocktail with a smile, but he has not seen joking, "I like the boat, a big reason is because you can get rid of all the troubles here, over a kinds of great sense of rhythm and patterns of life, this life always reminds me of the days in the army, it is a discipline. "

    All crew members are aware, the ideas in fashion design creative "fashion master", but never deviated from the "discipline." Prior to his time on board, the crew must be put on the white Bermuda shorts and refreshing white shirt, and then as the army paraded in a row like a lash. Armani will be the first to embrace the captain, and then shook hands with everyone and everything as good a pre-rehearsal general accurate.