Aug 9, 2013

Famous people who were homeless

Famous people who were homeless
Famous people who were homeless. In a new interview with W magazine, Jennifer Lopez talks about her pre-fame struggles. See other celebrities who lived on the streets before making it big.

Jennifer Lopez

Long before she became J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez was just an 18-year-old dancer from the Bronx with big dreams. She was so determined to succeed that she left home against her mother’s wishes. “My mom and I butted heads,” Lopez told W magazine this month. “I didn’t want to go to college—I wanted to try dance full-time. I was homeless.” To get by, she slept on cots in the dance studio, but the perseverance paid off—the next year, Lopez’s career took off as a Fly Girl on In Living Color.

Tyler Perry

In the 1990s, actor and movie mogul Tyler Perry was living in Atlanta, trying to stage the play that would get him famous, “I Know I’ve Been Changed.” After using up all of his savings, he became homeless, on and off for a period of 6 years, living in his car, or as he as he told Oprah, living in a “pay-by-the-week hotel that was full of crackheads.” In 1998, his hard work paid off when “I Know I’ve been Changed” became a hit, setting Perry on the path to stardom.