Aug 3, 2013

Details on Johnny Depp Vajoliroja Yacht

Details on Johnny Depp Vajoliroja Yacht
Details on Johnny Depp Vajoliroja Yacht, Looking like some vintage, early 20th century classic, "Jack Sparrow's" private boat may not be from the era of the Black Pearl, but it is definitely a design with the kind of old-style class and elegance that seem to be missing from many modern yachts.  They just don't build them like they used to, or do they?  Johnny Depp's 156 foot Vajoliroja, with its squared, wood cabin, overhanging ends, smokestack and even a couple of stubby masts, looks like it might be carrying some robber baron tycoon, Viscount or Raj from 100 years ago, but it was really built in 2001!

Measuring 156 feet, this is truly a megayacht, but it doesn't have the nouveau riche "running shoe" look of many of the other yachts that get the "mega" badge.  Instead of a floating penthouse, this is a boat for someone who actually likes boats.  Cruising at a modest 12 knots, surrounded by teak and luxury, this classy lady is without a helicopter pad or even a single swimming pool.  And even though the rumble of twin CATs replaces the chug-chug of a steam engine, and the masts are all show and no go, she is the perfect example of a modern fulfillment of classic style, down to her vintage wood, gold and velvet "Orient Express" -style interior.

Under the frilly old clothes, you can expect that this mega-yacht has all the modern conveniences for the owner and guests, as well as for control and navigation.  Vajoliroja is equipped with twin screws and bow thrusters to ease maneuvering in tight spaces, and she has stabilizers for ocean travel, with enough fuel for 3,000 comfortable miles of wide open spaces too. She has the usual collection of toys, and like many megayachts, Vajoliroja is available for charter, so you too can lay your head where Johnny Depp does when he's not buckling swashes, as long as you've got a pirate's fortune - or at least a nice booty!

About the Mega Yacht Vajoliroja

Yacht Name: Vajoliroja - Named for the first letters of the names of his family (longtime girlfriend Vanessa, Johnny, daughter Lily Rose and son Jack)
Vajoliroja Yacht Built: Istanbul, Turkey 2001 (refit for Johnny Depp in 2008)
Vajoliroja Yacht Designer: Tanju Kalaycioglu
Vajoliroja Yacht Built By: Proteksan Turquoise Yachts Inc.
Vajoliroja Yacht Length     47.6m (156.0ft)
Vajoliroja Yacht Beam     7.0m (23.0ft)
Vajoliroja Yacht Draft     2.4m (7.9ft)
Vajoliroja Yacht Hull Material: Aluminium
Vajoliroja Yacht Engines     2 x 480hp Caterpillar
Vajoliroja Yacht Cruising Speed    12 knots
Vajoliroja Yacht Max Speed  14 knots
Vajoliroja Yacht Guests     10/11 (1 master, 2 double, 2 twin)
Vajoliroja Yacht Crew     8
Vajoliroja Tenders and Toys: 5.5m Ranieri Soverato tender with 115hp engine, 4.9m Nautica tender with 60hp engine, 2 x kayaks (double & single), 2 x windsurfers (beginner's & advanced), waterskis, wakeboard & tows, and snorkelling gear.