Aug 27, 2013

Celebrity Chefs and their families

Celebrity Chefs and their families. What do the experts feed their kids? Find out what these celebrity chef parents make for their (sometimes picky) kid eaters.

Celebrity Chefs families

If you think celebrity chefs’ kids are each born with a healthy appetite and a sophisticated palate, you’re wrong. Just because they have been exposed to good food their entire lives does not exempt them from being particular. But chefs have an array of culinary tools, tricks, and recipes to help with mealtime. Test out a few of their dishes on your kiddos and you will have a leg up for those back-to-school suppers and after-school snacks!

Emeril Lagasse

Kids: Jessica, 32, Jillian, 30, EJ (Emeril John IV), 9, and Meril, 7

My Family Mealtime: “I always tried to make cooking a learning experience for my children. I taught them about using local, fresh fruits and vegetables and showed them the process of preparing each family meal. I think getting them involved in the action helped them to appreciate the meal a little more — and kept them busy! Just plan on the kitchen being a little messier.”

Kids’ Favorite Recipe: EJ’s Simple Oven BBQ Ribs
Emeril’s Tip: “The great thing, other than it being very simple, is that if you find yourself facing inclement weather when you’re planning to grill, this recipe can still make everyone happy. The secret to the success of this dish is in the long, slow cooking time.”

Wolfgang Puck

Kids: Cameron, 22, Byron, 17, Oliver, 7, and Alexander, 5

My Family Mealtime: “Alexander’s favorite dishes are Wienerschnitzel and risotto. Oliver likes our Chinois lobster as well as our Kobe burgers. Cameron and Byron are eating like grown-ups, though I must say that the Wienerschnitzel is probably the preferred dish of all of them.”

Kids’ Favorite Recipe: Wolfgang’s Winning Wienerschnitzel