Aug 8, 2013

Brazilian teen kills family goes to school

Brazilian teen kills family goes to school
Brazilian teen kills family goes to school,  After shooting to death his parents, his grandmother and a great-aunt, 13-year-old Marcelo Pesseghini went to school, like it was any other day.

After classes were over, he walked home and fatally shot himself in the left temple, police said.

All five bodies were found by authorities Monday in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The boy was reportedly obsessed with the real-life murders behind “The Amityville Horror” book and movie, and had posted images related to that case on his Facebook page. He also told a friend he wanted to be a hit man, police said.

The classic thriller was inspired by Ronald DeFeo Jr., who killed his parents and four siblings in their Amityville, N.Y., home in 1974, then went to work like nothing had happened. He was convicted of the murders and sentenced to life in prison.

Marcelo Pesseghini killed his father, Luis, a 40-year-old police sergeant, with the man’s .40-caliber service weapon, authorities said.

The boy also opened fire on mother Andreia, 30, a military officer, grandmother Benedita de Oliveira Bovo, 65, and great-aunt Bernadete Oliveira da Silva, 55, authorities said.

The 13-year-old’s body was found near his dad’s gun in the family home. The adults were found were in their beds, with the exception of Marcello’s mother, whose body was found on the bedroom floor.

“Everything seems to indicate that Marcelo killed his parents and relatives,” said Itagiba Franco of Sao Paolo’s civilian police force, at a press conference in the city.

Surveillance video shows the boy walking to school early Monday, after killing his family, police said.

Franco also quoted from an unnamed friend of Marcelo’s, who said in a statement to police that  Marcelo  “always told me he wanted to become a hired killer. He had a plan to kill his parents during the night, so that no one would notice, and escape in the parents' car and live in an abandoned place.”