Aug 3, 2013

Bono the Cyan Yacht Value

Bono the Cyan Yacht Value
Bono the Cyan Yacht Value, Bono, the lead singer of U2, has picked up the yacht Cyan. Built in 1997 the Cyan, formerly known as the Renalo, has been through at least one major retrofitting since its initial launch. This 140 ft yacht has six cabins with room for 12 guests and includes an on-deck Jacuzzi, swim platform and garage full of water toys among other ammenities. The Cyan charters for between $204,000-255,000.

The yacht was not listed for sale but the asking price was estimated to be somewhere around $21.8 million. It is reported that Bono and his family vacationed on the yacht last summer, and that since he has purchsed the Cyan he has repainted it blue and put in a new blown-out stereo system (big surprise). Follow the jump for more pictures of the Cyan.

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