Aug 23, 2013

Gene Roddenberry Ashes Launched Into Space

Gene Roddenberry Ashes Launched Into Space, A new program called Elysium (no, not the movie) allows people to launch ashes of their deceased loved ones into space. An app will track the spacecraft’s location outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Once the spacecraft is launched families and friends can track its location via an app that shows logistics and what the view looks like. The craft then safely reenters Earth’s atmosphere, appearing as a “shooting star.”

“The satellite re-enters the earth atmosphere as a burning star,” Elysium CEO Thomas Civeit, who wishes to die on Mars, told TechCrunch.

“The Elysian Fields was the final resting place for the souls of heroes and virtuous men,” reported.

Those who place an order with the Elysium company receive a custom ash capsule and mini-scoop for transferring the ashes. The capsule can be engraved with a message if desired.

The next launch will be at the Cape Canaveral launch facility. The spacecraft carrying the remains will orbit the Earth for months or even years.

Participating in Elysium costs family members $1,990. A company called Celestis has been launching human remains into space for about 10 years, but for a pricey $4,995, TheNextWeb reported.

The first Elysium launch will happen sometime next year, TechCrunch reported.

“These are the kind of people who think space is a unique and beautiful place,” Civeit said.

The CEO hopes to give people an option as to where the ashes are spread in the future, such as “on the moon or in deep space.”

“Some want their ashes launched into the sun,” Civeit said.

Notable people that have received space burials include: “astronaut Gordon Cooper, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and actor James Doohan (“Scotty” from the original Star Trek),” TheNextWeb reported.

“The final frontier is an exceptional place to honor and celebrate the life of someone you love,” Elysium stated on their website.