May 20, 2013

Swift's disgusted reaction at Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's kiss backstage at Billboard

They made sure to be seated apart and not seen together throughout the entire 2013 Billboard Music Awards show.

However, backstage it was a completely different story for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

After bumping into one another, Selena put her arm around Justin to lean in and give him a tender kiss on the cheek.

Selena and Justin‘s casual meet up was captured on Billboard’s online backstage video feed after the show.

In the video, Justin is seen standing with one of his pals, as Selena and her best friend and fellow singer Taylor Swift walk past.

Selena stops to talk to Justin and puts her arm around him and pulls him in for a kiss on the side of his face.

In the video it also appears that Justin tries to pull her in for a kiss on the lips before Selena seemingly pinches him on the cheek.

Following the smooch, Taylor is seen sticking her tongue out in a gesture of either surprise or disgust over her friend's actions.

Selena and Justin then continue to chat for some time, looking like they are catching up.

While Taylor waits patiently for them to finish their conversation, a red head woman tries to pull Selena along but she is keen to keep chatting to her former beau.

The pair finally part ways after embracing each other again with Selena nodding several times.

While the duo affectionately greeted one another, the meeting however appeared more like friends catching up rather than a couple conversing after getting back together.

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