May 21, 2013

Don Walling Drops Ring When Proposing On Brooklyn Bridge

Don Walling was about to propose to his girlfriend Gina Pellicani on the Brooklyn Bridge when the ring fell out of the box and fell through a crack in the bridge down to the roadway below. Don Walling claims he didn't drop the ring but that it fell out of the box. 

Walling felt like he had to retrieve the ring and he climbed down the bridge's superstructure. It wasn't long before a police suicide-prevention van pulled up concerned Don Walling was about to leap to his death. Walling was ultimately able to convince the police that he was not suicidal and he was just desperately trying to find his fiance's engagement ring. Ultimately, he was fortunate enough to find the ring. The ring sustained a little damage but none of the diamonds were lost.

The couple talked to Ann Curry on the Today show about the ordeal. Take a look:

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