May 19, 2013

Chris Brown Death Threats

Police are investigating death threats made against Chris Brown.
Police are investigating death threats made against Chris Brown.

The Los Angeles Police Department were called in after multiple threats were phoned in to the office of his attorney Mark Geragos.

And it seems the constabulary are taking them seriously, as an inquiry has been launched into the matter.

According to TMZ multiple calls were made to Mr Geragos office.

But while the culprit threatened the 24-year-old singer's life, the specifics of the threats are currently unclear.

However Mr Geragos took them very seriously and immediately reported them to the police, giving them all the information he had on the calls.

Brown has been unpopular since it emerged he hospitalised his then girlfriend Rihanna after assaulting her in 2009.

According to a police statement he punched her, bit her and even tried to choke her after getting her in a headlock.

Brown turned himself in to the Los Angeles police on February 8, 2009, and was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats, while under investigation for domestic violence charges.

Mr Geragos represented Brown when he was sentenced in August that year to five years of probation, one year of domestic violence counselling, and six months of community service.

He was also given a five-year restraining order requiring him to remain 50 yards away from Rihanna, or 10 yards at public events.

Earlier this year Mr Gergaos waxed lyrical about how proud he is of his controversial client, saying: He’s accepted everything that’s come at him.

'He’s grown and matured, and as he would tell you, is still making good music.'