Mar 12, 2013

Duggar Burger Bill

Duggar Burger Bill, The Duggars make really good money from their hit TLC reality series and they need that money to feed their gigantically large family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took their enormous brood out for a meal on Monday and it cost them $617.

So how exactly did the family spend more money on a single meal than many families spend on a months worth of food?

First, there were 23 people eating, second, they are in Manhattan where soda by itself costs $2.

According to the Bill’s Bar & Burger menu a simple burger starts at $7.95 and that price can easily double with extra meat, cheese and other toppings. The food establishment also offers $6 shakes, $4 fries, and $8 nachos.
The Duggars actually saved some money since six of their children qualified for the kids menu. The lower cost kids menu offers $7.95 meals.

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