Mar 9, 2013

Dog Saves Grandmother From Fire

Dog Saves Grandmother From Fire, This dog's name might be Barbie, but she's one tough cookie. Rosemary Field was fast asleep in her Bristol, U.K. home when her pet Jack Russell woke her by licking her face. Being 5.45 a.m. Field tried to go back to sleep but Barbie wouldn't quit with the licking. 
The 72-year-old great grandmother, who is a registered blind diabetic, soon realized why — her bed was on fire after a fallen lamp had ignited her bedding and the carpet. Fortunately, thanks to Barbie's persistence, Field, her other dog Babe, her Siamese cat Tasha and budgie Joey all made it to safety.

Two fire engines from nearby Speedwell station attended the fire at Mrs Field's home in Burchells Green Road and found it was already extinguished.

A firefighter told Mrs Field that she was lucky and said that if Barbie, who is seven, had not alerted her to the fire they may well have been dealing with a fatality.

She told The Post: "I can't do enough for little Barbie now – I've been giving her lots of treats since it happened.

"She usually sleeps on my bed but when she started licking my face so early in the morning I was quite annoyed.

"It wasn't until I woke up more that I saw the bottom of my bed was on fire.

"I tried to put it out but there was a lot of smoke.

"My main worry was to get all my animals out but the cat wouldn't come.

"Luckily the fire was out by the time the firefighters got here and everyone was OK.

"They told me it was very lucky that Barbie had woken me up, or I might have slept through it and died.

"They said I shouldn't use the lamp anymore – I put it outside by my front door but someone has stolen it!

"I would like to warn them not to use it."

Mrs Field, who has three children, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, has owned her beloved Barbie since she was a puppy.

James Bladon, spokesman for Avon Fire and Rescue Service, said: "The sooner you are made aware of a fire the better.

"We advocate the use of smoke alarms, but it is certainly very unusual for a dog to wake someone up in this way.

"Clearly in this case the dog was instrumental in the lady being made aware of the fire and getting herself to safety."