Mar 10, 2013

Couple's Second Lottery Win

Couple's Second Lottery Win, In a tell-tale sign that lightening really does strike twice, an Arizona couple has won the lottery for the second time - and just one year before their first win's annuity is to expire.

Though just looking at the faces of Diane and Kerry Carmichael you wouldn't know it, but on Wednesday the Tempe couple cashed in their second million-dollar lottery win in the last 17 years.

The retired pair's $1million Powerball prize comes after winning their first $2.5million in December of 1995.

'It was my ticket this time, the first time it was his ticket, so, I got the thrill of saying, "I won,"' Mrs Carmichael told Arizona Family of her own personal excitement.

Adding to that, their win comes just in time with their previous annuity of $125,000 set to expire in December of 2014.

Mrs Carmichael purchased both winning tickets at the Arizona Lottery's Phoenix office.

'Good things come in threes. Two down, one to go,' she said while hinting at her plans to win big again.

Their latest win is the 19th $1million second-prize Powerball win in the state since 2012 when $2 tickets were first launched, lottery officials said.

Nationwide second-prize wins in the new Powerball game have occurred more than 500 times.

Asked what the retired couple plan to do with their newly acquired fortune, they stayed quiet on specifics but told TurnTo23 they will 'resist the urge to splurge.'